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BEST iPhone/iPad FILM

Christina wakes up in a place that’s completely foreign to her, a place where she will have a defiant encounter with Time.

Time -  Elizabeth Marlo



A person has served their time in prison, paid for their crimes. In the eyes of the law they are free. But can they ever really be free? How does society view these people?

The Darkest Hour -  Danny Szam

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Joyce faces a decision on two issues. She has to choose between two boys and two university courses.
As she searches the woods for artifacts for the latter, she ponders these choices. And then she finds an artifact where the importance of making the right choice is no longer depends on a date or a course, but on her life itself.

Alone -  Peter Molnar

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A Parisian backward love story.

12h03 -  Sacha Vucinic



The Berlin Wall falls. Two Stasi-Agents are trying to retrieve the stolen Rosewood Files. If the Files would ever fall into the Hands of Civil Rights Activists or the CIA, all Stasi Informants would get exposed.
This Task questions the Agents Conscience.

ROSEWOOD-  Jonathan B Beer

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Set in the heart of rural England, Rudy finds her relationship with her father being tested. Stuck as a proxy parent to her younger siblings and dealing with a recent loss, she feels increasingly pushed out when her home gets opened up to a paying guest. Through a newfound friendship with a boy from Coventry, Rudy discovers fun, freedom and autonomy, but is it at the sacrifice of unspoken family wounds?

Rudy-  Shona Auerbach

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A serial killer drives his car out of the city, buries the corpse of a woman in a distant place and a paranormal phenomenon appears: the deceased announces a terrible omen. He returns to his apartment and the murdered woman is waiting for him naked. The psychopath approaches her, caresses her cheek and her skin turns to plastic. The reality begins to distort. For this perpetrator, everything becomes very confusing, surreal and abstract. His life alternates between past and present, until he loses the spatial reference of the surrounding reality. And amid so much chaos and mental disorder, a supposed colleague appears who apparently accompanies him on his nocturnal wanderings. But is it him in his youth or is it his alter ego?
The serial killer finds, through a dating app, a new girl to date. It's another chance to kill but this time maybe things don't go as expected and the girl is not what she appears to be.

Hobby-  Gabriel Pandule

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Have you ever wondered what happens inside a beehive? This is your chance to get up close and personal with one of nature's hardest little workers - the honeybee. The Secret Life of Bees is an intimate journey into the inner workings of a honeybee colony. By shooting entirely on iPhone, the filmmaker had unobtrusive access to the hive, offering us a unique perspective into this incredibly intricate super-organism. Follow the life of a worker bee from birth to cleaner, natural air conditioner, to an undertaker, acting as security and then finally leaving the hive to forage for nectar and pollen. You’ll never look at a jar of honey in the same way again.

The Secret Life of Bees - Mirabai Nicholson-McKellar

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