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Try out these guys for size! All of these are great resources for filmmakers of varying skills levels. All have their own personality and all complement each other brilliantly. No matter where you are in your career you will learn loads from following these people?


Run by the renowned American ASC cinematographer Shane Hurlburt, An incredible resource for anyone taking their career seriously! Shane has lensed the likes of Terminator Salvation, Need For Speed, Crazy Beautiful, The Rat Pack and many many more. 

With hundreds of hours of videos covering every aspect of filmmaking, this is one of our top choices for taking your career to the next level.


Run by Ryan Connolly, Film Riot has some of the best video tutorials out there! Check out his YouTube channel for dozens of tutorials covering just about everything you ever need to know about indie filmmaking. All the videos are presented in a user friendly and amusing way keeping the viewer entertained throughout.


Run by Ted Sim, Griffin Hammond and Erik Beck. Indy Mogul is a great resource as their videos cover a whole range of skills revolving around filmmaking including camera gear, lenses, lighting, even prop making. Also they have great interviews with cinematographers and more..


This resource is slightly different in that it covers news from all areas of the film industry. Keeping you up to date with new tech and gear along with interviews with lots of great people from the filmmaking community.

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