Best iPhone/iPad Film

There have been some great mainstream films shot on iPhones. Some say the best camera is the one you have on you, same could be said for movie! 

Best Android phone Film

It isn't just Apple that have proved their video quality! The Android world has some major players when it comes to their camera tech! 

Best DSLR/Mirrorless Film

DSLR cameras proved to become popular with the birth of the Canon EOS 5D Mkii It became widely used in film and TV thanks to its massive full frame sensor and great HD quality. Today things have moved on with 4k and above sensors proving their worth in the filmmaking community. 

Best Non DSLR camera costing under £1500 Film

If your camera is anything other than a DSLR as above and falls into this price bracket, this is the award for you. Anything goes even if it's an older camera using tape! There are lots of possibilities for this bracket including older HD cameras and handycams!

Best Non DSLR camera costing between £1500 - £3000 Film

Going up in price now with a bracket that can encompass quite a selection of kit! Show us what you have got, no matter what the make or model..

Best Non DSLR camera costing between £3000 - £6000 Film

Getting serious now! Starting to climb the ranks with your kit. There are a whole host of possibilities in this category, weather bought new or second hand, show us what you have got..

Best camera costing over £6000 Film

Okay you have invested some serious money now! Things are getting serious here and anything goes. Again weather bought new or second hand, show us what you have got with this amazing tech category.

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